World War 4

World War 4

Medium: Acrylic on Wood
Dimension: 244cm x 244cm
Year: 2010
We came into this land
well before you humans were even born
ours was a need to live and serve
and our nights and the day
were moving within the moment of time
all was well
…we killed to feed our young
and only ate the shoots and leaves
leaving the tree unhurt and fine
we quenched our thirst in the nearby water holes
and moved away when the land had shared enough
it was all fine until You came
we gave you a home within our homes
and allowed you to also hunt
but you did something we normally won’t
you trapped us, tamed us
stripped us off our pride
and made us slaves and finally took our home
the monsters you built
have ravaged the little land and raped our forest
and now your greed is poisoning the fruits and leaves
water doesn’t taste the same now
…and the smell of burning corpses fill the skies
we cannot take it anymore
so we have come together, painted in red, like our red brother ant
and are calling all of you to cease this madness
stop raping our forest
stop polluting air
stop contaminating the water


…just remember this, we are only the first few to come
…you might not want to see what is coming after this!!!!


Posted on

June 30, 2015