Within All

Within All

Medium: Mixed Medium on Canvas
Dimension: 152cm x 152cm
Year: 2007
In Collection of Dato Ashok Sharma

There in the midst of creation
sits the Father
whispering wisdom
to his children, the senses five

Behold my children…

The primal force that binds the male and the female
staging the drama of life there

witness the dharma of man
that he is so rightfully is to perform
the seeker, the doer
the duty and the play
all so majestically arrayed
…for man to live
among the animals, plants and the stones

See there below, Mahashakthi
the man woman, god of life
sit ruling the core

And look above there
the tree of life
stretching its limbs
swallowing the ambrosia from
the mouth of eternity

Remember, my dear children…

All that is and that will be
is but a fragment of this drama
that stages itself
in time, through time

without a pause without an end


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July 31, 2015