Wednesday Female…I am the seed of innocence that blooms for love

Wednesday Female…I am the seed of innocence that blooms for love

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 183cm x 152cm
Year: 2009
In Collection of Wei Ling Art Gallery
Yes, I do smile..
I’m only the reserved one, not a snob
It’s only innocence that spreads within, masking my emotions

So I am known as the sensitive One

I possess a mind that works 25/7
I think between a yawn and wander all the time
…of all the wonders of the world, in obeisance of its magnificence

I am the ancient one who treasures the beauty of life

I don’t remember being a child
As maturity has been steps that I took to walk
Hurt the lesser and I will sue the world for the crime

I am a part of the law that makes all things mutual, the science, poetry and the arts

My head pains even at the slightest discomfort
As my hunger knows no bound…
yet my mind is all the while swearing on being slim and fine

I am the executioner of my own health, I failed many a times…

Every book on life is safely tucked below the pillow
and I know they are but essentials that shelters me in my hour of pain
The treasure within them, the many reaffirmations that strengthens one’s belief

Don’t think I’m a mere bookworm, I am but alice in wonderland!!!

I long for comfort, I love the easiness in life
yet no chain should lock me indoors, away from the freedom of life
As I am not a meek housewife neither am I the ignorant One

I am the reader of the tales of goodness and I will live only longer in its existence..

I adore the monkey and the ant and dog are special to me
the frog though is dominant, sits tamely on my lap
yes, I feel comfortable with the friendly chameleon

but why does the fox behave so whilst treating me like a queen?

…and the little white bird of mystery whispers “keep the seat warm and waver not much
for the secret of your existence is within your very self. Enjoy that which comes your way and observe life’s mysteries”


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July 31, 2015