Tuesday Female…I am the healer who serenade the aroma of passion

Tuesday Female…I am the healer who serenade the aroma of passion

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 183cm x 152cm
Year: 2009
Some call me the slithering One
yet I only live by the confidence of my inner beauty
Well, is it my fault that I attract onlookers

It is destiny that blessed me with such a gift…

…I am an artist who sees meaning within the wonder of life
I learn by looking at the others move
and copy the essence of that which is real

I am the storyteller who is mistaken for the one who lies
I climb trees, run chasing and playing with the boys
I’m a tomboy who loves to push the limits
To experience the joy of living

I am sharing the home of the one called manwoman

I dance to the rhythm of the body and paint beautiful pictures
I too speak and decorate words with meanings
making the young ones follow me, mesmerized by my simplicity

I am the motivator of all sorts

The monkey understands me well
and I have this special bond with the ant
the rest too are friendly

but I cannot say the same for the fox…

My destiny lies within the unknown and the mysterious
and my palms ooze heat that heals the weak
I am seeking to know the absolute and enjoy the bliss therein

I am the seeker and the enjoyer…
…and the little white bird of mystery says “seek the mighty and fall not to temptations.
Seek the mysteries in life and make truth your destiny”


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July 31, 2015