Traffic Light

Traffic Light

Medium: Acrylic on wood
Dimension: 76cm x 254cm x 127cm
Year: 2009

Transport has improved tremendously from an animal as a vehicle to aircrafts that go into space. I chose the traffic light as it has not gone through much change and is in my opinion the operating system that controls movement, creating a balance. As I was toying with the idea of making it interactive, an idea just popped into my mind.

Here were three colours that were so conveniently in tune with the colours of the three major races. Red is for the Chinese, Orange is for the Indians and Green representing the Malays.

Putting them together was so exciting as it again fitted in so well. The green representing the Malays came first and the Indians being a minority fitted in well in the centre. I raised the platform to show how the Indian society is either going up or down with an unsure status though they play an important role in creating the balance particularly during elections.

The Red pillar like frame stood so majestically, again fitting so perfectly as this community is after all in control of the financial status of the nation.

Being a symbolist, I couldn’t leave the frames without a symbol.

I placed a “dulang” to show how the Chinese came in to settle in this country, as tin miners. The boat was so appropriate as the Malays were great warriors using the sea to travel and though the other two races too came to this land earlier, they were not fated to rule this land of hills. The word Malaysia comes from the word Malaya, meaning hills (Mallai) in Tamil. Hence, the hills are to depict the Indian community.

It is a 1Malaysia eventually! The three races in their own capacity joined together into one piece


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June 30, 2015