Thursday Female…I am the balance of the mind and the spirit

Thursday Female…I am the balance of the mind and the spirit

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 183cm x 152cm
Year: 2009
I am in mind and heart balanced
Hmmm, we are unique thirsty creatures with such great virtue
Where else will you find an artist in heart and a genius in mind

…packed in a frame, we are the technically creative machines

I am likened to a camel, lean and tall and rarely decorated
I do come smaller sometimes but we make up with the hyper energy within
All stuffed within myself, it gets harder to listen without taking notes

I am the manager who manages time, the family and the very self in order

Many of us though independent, work for others before managing their own
We are cautious, sometimes a little more than needed
…that our completeness is rarely seen till the hair greys and turn white

…too vary, too conscious, within the strength lies our weakness

The hills, wild tracks, rugged streams and naked forest
Within them all lies our healing…
We become part of the world that is around us, near and far

We are the border between the two, the male force and the female light

I can see the chameleon, eye to eye
and the elusive monkey plays with my senses
the cockroach adores me

but the naughty fox…

We are the travelers, always seeking a newer path
The men in our lives too go through this cycle all the while
Sadly very few in mind and spirit cross our path, making it an endless task

Rarity becomes the boundary and so often we fall for the rest

…and the little white bird of mystery says “Do not see very far and away.
What lies beneath the ocean is a beauty only the dwellers there would
know, so be calm and let the the drama of life unveil the gift yours..”


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July 31, 2015