The Healing Seat

The Healing Seat

Medium: Wood / Sound Composition
Dimension: 40cm x 45.5cm x 96cm
Year: 2011

Human life starts with interaction of the the energy from the environment and the inside. We are constantly responding to this two energies which sustains a healthy living.

There are two parts, one below the pelvic to the feet and the other from the waist up to your head.

When we are younger we keep both the divisions active; learning and food consumption from the above and the physical activities of moving actively in our surrounding below.

As we grow older, the activity that correspondence to the head is increased while the physical activity of movement is reduced. We don’t run around and play games as we grow older.

As we mature the lower part of the body is gradually weakening. This will explain the pain in our lower joints, aching of leg muscles, back aches, losing of anal muscles, weakening of the sexual organs and the rest associated to the lover body.

In simple terms, it means, as we grow older the vibration that is meant to be even in the body is disrupted and is not reaching down till the feet.

This chair is designed to create the balance by the use of an ancient sound system that has been constructed in a unique way. This vibration with the mechanism in the chair is meant to create a balance when used regularly.


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June 30, 2015