The Eternal Beat of Life

The Eternal Beat of Life

The eternal beat of life
Acrylic, Metal and Gold on Canvas
…the silence broke
and what seemed like the beat of the heart
…grew taking forms

…grew shaping and reshaping itself
and as my mere sight faded into obscurity
…a strong wind blew and i witnessed a moment

…within a moment yet so slow yet at a great speed

…i witnessed Lord of Earth, Ganesha
playing the mud pot

…and there within the centre
i was blessed to get a glimpse of Shiva the silent One
and Shakti…that moves the unmoved

…as i watched in devotion

…i saw beneath…a turtle
the ancient seafarer
…with a focused mind
…taking Ganesha on a journey

…towards another moment…another time
while the blue bird of wisdom whispered

“thom thom thaka…
thakita thikita…
thom tha thom…”


Posted on

September 12, 2016

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