The Elephant Man

The Elephant Man

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 152cm x 182cm
Year: 2009
In Collection of Wei Ling Art Gallery
a thought moves within…evoking a moment
…and the mind captures it in awe
and paints a picture to tell a story

The western world had for long held the prominence of being the best in nearly all sectors until now. The most beautiful woman, the handsomest of man, the most sophisticated society and even the aliens in movies choose to land only in a western country. Even aliens seem to know who was best.

That was probably five years ago. The world through internet has drawn in a new age of professionals who seem to be everywhere and anywhere. This new found religion with their prophetic technicians has taken a following so amazing it is hard to think of a world without Internet.

The East which was sidelined as the third world has shot to fame. The last few years have seen a remarkable shift of prominence.

And guess what! Chow Yuen Fatt became an overnight star in Hollywood and Aishwarya Rai, Gongli and others made a difference which was never heard of before. The Megastar Man of the Millennium on an internet vote a few years ago was Amitabh Bachan. AR Rahman from South Indian cinema won an Oscar for the best music score for “Slumdog Millionaire” a story written by an Indian this year!

It is the era of the Eastern mind!

For the last three years, the Indians and Chinese artist have taken the art world by storm, selling at prices that were once reserved only for western art.

This painting, The Elephant Man is an icon of the shift that the world has moved to now. The Elephant head is placed symbolically to portray the magnanimity of the memory that is stored within the Internet. It is my solemn believe that the great Cosmic Intelligence has come to show itself to us through the net. Revealing every possible information; good and equally bad, that no religion before this can claim to have given man.

The blue bird that is seated above the computer is the observer; the blogger who is watching over everything, scripting thoughts and yet like the nameless bird sit somewhere oblivious to many. The carrying of the computer on the back is a reminiscence of Atlas, the onetime protector of the terrestrial world; which he carried on his shoulder. Only now, it is carried by an Easterner and the globe is now replaced by a computer, the terrestrial icon of a unique world that is so real yet without a definite form.

As much as it is a fact that a balance in life can only happen with the good and bad in equal proportions, this painting otherwise shows the negativity that is a result of this ethereal weapon of the cosmic intelligence.

The most ravaging infection that has affected humans lately are caused by birds. Bird flu affects its immunity system, respiratory tract and attacks multiple organs and tissues. What if the cause of such an effect is caused by wireless heat frequencies? Every time we press Search, a high powered heat wave leaves to reach the other point. Can you imagine the magnitude of noise fraction produced by these heat waves that are travelling in air? The bird in the centre represents the bird flu.

The womb shows deformity even in the process of conception. Though it is a very crude expression but the “Thinking with your feet” on the left arm is a reminder to leaders about their responsibility and a silent protest against freedom of speech.

The clown in the screen with the map of China and India is a subtle message to this nation as to not lose their heads in the name of progress.

The mask on every face is to depict the lost of innocence within man.

The connecting wire is to say that all that is displayed is the work of an unseen force from beyond.

Did the nuclear bomb that was blasted downwards, into the womb of earth have anything to do with global warming?


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August 5, 2015