The Blind Dance

The Blind Dance

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 153cm x 214cm
Year: 2012

I have always believed in the eye that is watching within us, a visual director who is the true choreographer of our lives.

And it was a secret desire to sit back and watch how the ‘director’ stages his play.

One evening it happened! I took out a canvas, blindfolded myself and took colors in my hand and used my fingers as a brush. There was initially a churning in the stomach, a fear, what if I make a mistake?

But what the heck! it is only another canvas! I can always repaint…just as I was going through this, I heard a song in my head. With the blindfold I called out for someone to play that song and it was played. A song about a dancer in his death bed, teaching his student the finer points before a performance!

I closed my eyes within the blindfold and sat down. The song moved me and I was no more me, I had become the dancer, the teacher, the student and so much more, it went on and on. I was free from my own thoughts…I moved and danced and swiftly surrendered to the moment…

…only when I unfolded myself, I realized…wow! everything is moving and the moment one surrenders, everything operates by itself…like seated in a boat in the middle of the ocean…and just floating…just moving where the waves go…

…there is nothing and within that nothingness lives everything…I own nothing and so everything belongs to me…


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October 26, 2016

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