Spirit of Tiger

Spirit of Tiger

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 122cm x 122cm
Year: 2010
In Collection of Jonathan Avinash

Though I knew, I was born in the year of Tiger, it didn’t really matter until I was invited to participate in this show. I went through the net and read through the many sites to understand the philosophy behind such a believe system.

After some research, I came to understand that it was more the nature of the animal that is being mentioned, meaning the spirit of a particular animal in the life of people born in a particular year.

So i painted my subject to symbolise the spirit of the Tiger. The mask and the stripes are inspired by tribal tiger dancers in Asia. I chose the bluish green colour which was meant to be the favourite colour of the Tiger.

The Ruby is its favourite stone and so I decorated it around the neck. I tattooed the other animals on the back according to their closeness and distance to the tiger; to show their importance by the varying sizes they are painted.

Below is a poem I wrote to accompany my painting.

I have become the tiger
the spirit of the brave one has come within me
in mind and spirit, within the wall of time
in this moment so true
…I have become the tiger
the dog and the horse live in my home
and the dragon visits me with gifts
yet the rooster and snake move
in direction so different
i give shelter to the sheep and rabbit
and the rat clings to me in hope
…the pig chooses to hide under my arm in protection
while the Ox seems so strange in my presence
…but i must say the monkey needs to be caged
i am mystified by the green in blue
and every moment when the diamond shines
i pause the moment, amazed by the north west streak of light
only to experience a touch of wisdom
…as the red ruby blends into my aura in bliss


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August 5, 2015