Secret Pot

Secret Pot

Acrylic on Canvas
30cm x 30cm

There’s a pot that the son carries
broken into pieces in a funeral pyre
and a song comes along with it

there in space there is one without a form
seeking the master potter for a pot
to fill within the fourth month as light
and the sixth month as sound
receiving the pot eventually… one dances, tosses and turns
and one day the pot breaks into pieces

The pot is the bodily frame
filled within by a chosen soul

…coming into the world of reality
in joy, some in fear, some lost, some in confusion
followed closely by obsession…

one day misery will drown the weak
and death comes opening another door

but the pot which i hold now, is the pot of life
where i brew using my conscience
inspired by my mother and father
who resides within the moon
and closely watched by my brother
in intelligence pure

this pot was given to me by Brahma itself
to be the connecting pod
to bring the souls back home
blessing them nine fold..


Posted on

May 25, 2017

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