Saturday Male, The Entertainer

Saturday Male, The Entertainer

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 122cm x 122cm
Year: 2009
In Collection of Lim Edin Nom
I am the entertainer
who brings excitement to my audience

I’m always on the stage of life
working on different plays now and then

some think I am the role of a fox
some think I’m a cunning fox
…but…but, isn’t an entertainer
naturally an actor, a pretender?

I’m a man with many faces
sometimes I inspire some
sometimes I use some
sometimes I influence some
…and at other times I tempt some

I’m a saviour, so the woman says at first
but soon they would fly away like little insects
escaping from the mouth of lust

I love the arts and ride the snake of passion
but the bird of passion is a prize I treasure

yet the peacock rules my spirit
while the cat walks, blinded by my glory

my final journey lies in my confidence

…probably my greatest movie!!!


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July 31, 2015