Saturday Female…I am the dance, the dancer and the script of joy

Saturday Female…I am the dance, the dancer and the script of joy

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 183cm x 152cm
Year: 2009
In Collection of Wei Ling Art Gallery
I am known as the gypsy, the aimless nomad
In mind I wander, in emotions I wonder
Do I own this and is it coming my way

I am truly the wanderer, not knowing which to own

I was told my eyes had a strange but mystical charm
and that my feet were wide and long
and my wit knew no match

a certain uniqueness was seen in the way I moved

My presence moves the weak
yet my own weakness, shuns me
I am the lover of me and I’m mine greatest foe

I am the queen of my land and my enemies lurk around

I can stage plays and move my audience…
yet dance to the music of life and lose my very being
…even win a war merely with the weapon that lies within the mouth

I am a warrior who sits waiting for a war

I am only careful yet many think I’m a miser
if only they realise the purity of its worth…
they will then understand why I count my wealth in coins

Wealth is power and power rules happiness…and I work towards them

The fox is a good friend, the chameleon too befriends me
and the dog quietly naps in my presence
while the many of my kind flock towards me

Sometimes I wonder, am I him or is she me?

the window of mystery entices me
and I seek blindly using my faith as a torch
…to get a glimpse of the unnamed One

I am the gypsy who sees the world through the crystal of hope

…and the little white bird of mystery says “Oh my ancient seer, I have
seen you dance in the arena of life, and have seen the bliss that
becomes you. You are the messenger of mystery…await your moment”


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July 31, 2015