Recreating Forest

Recreating Forest

Medium: Metal, Wood, Water, Light and Sound
Dimension: 153cm x 244cm x 274cm
Year: 2011

Prayer is a universal medium of communication. A prayer is not defined by religion but rather by the moment when the energy within us meets the energy around us. We are but a combination of Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Ether in the same ratio as present in the environment around us. The interaction between these two energies is Prayer.

Though the art of praying became popular with the masses through religious worship, its existence has been present from the very beginning of life. The chirping of birds, the hymns of the cicadas in the jungle, the croaking of a frog, the barking of a dog to the little bubbles exuded by little fishes in water…they are all but a form of Prayer!

It is not done through a conscious effort but rather like breathing, a spontaneous act that has been around since the time of creation, keeping this world in balance.

From the high pitched ‘hmmm’, a collective sound produced by animals, that vibrates in the jungle and the singing of the whales, to the mid pitched ‘hmmm’ that we humans utter in acknowledgement, are in fact the sum of the universal hum that sustains earth in a continuous prayer.

The Work

In this installation I have attempted to bring the five elements in nature within a square. It is a symbolic representation of how water, the very source of life is in balance with all things natural.

I have also used sound patterns from nature and two ancient sound instruments to compose the music that fill our environment. Lights are also used to further complete the installation.

The Purpose

I have been working on this experiment for the past nine years, based on my interest for water rituals such as the Holy water which can be found in the church, ‘Theertham’ (blessed water) in a temple and the ‘Wuduk’ practice in mosques among the many other.

I am very concerned about the disorders that are making our human community weaker and unless we find alternatives we might not be able to retain all that which is keeping us healthy and well. With nature and Earth losing its balance, from the obvious calamities that are repeating itself around the world, we have to find solutions to improve our ways. Art has always played an important role in the making of history, turning scientific revelations into usable tools, designing and decorating this world of ours and shaping evolution itself.

Installation art which has become a rave in the Art Industry today is actually an age old system of turning science into practical information using Art, through which inventions took shape. To be precise Installation Art is another step for a modern painter to move on to play the role of an Artist, a ‘Scientist’ or mildly put, a Director!

Art has come to a point where ‘Practical Art’ in the form of installations and paintings has to co-exist. As Leonardo Da Vinci puts it, “Study the science of Art and the art of science.”


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June 30, 2015