Pendula Nonagon – Mind Balance (The Installation)

Pendula Nonagon – Mind Balance (The Installation)

Mixed Media
36ft x 8ft

This installation work is based on my research on the movement of pendulum and its relations to colour and sound. I used nine fractions of colours to show the pendulum in motion.

Each unit number is represented by 9 miniatures. A video was screened during the exhibition, explaining this work in a visual form.

The drawings are a collection of my recent works. I travelled the north part of Malaysia early this years for three months. I met people on the street and sketched portraits and did drawings made from my emotions, rather than what I saw.

I have always been a storyteller and sketched every moment that moved me, using symbolism. I drew more than 200 sketches and wrote my journey.

The drawings were done using Mitsubishi’s UniPin Fineline pens on canvas.

I added the miniature in this exhibition to let the observer relax and watch drawings and to be in the moment.


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October 30, 2018

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