Monday Male, The Story Teller

Monday Male, The Story Teller

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 122cm x 122cm
Year: 2009
I have seen many but very few
the make of this kind
coming from an ancient land
with the cockroach of time decorating his head
ever roam this land in so much grace and might

…this man of wisdom nine fold
holds the key to the secret of a time forgotten

a visionary in mind
with a thunder like anger
here is your storyteller…a sutradara who imagines life
and will screen them in your mind

with a bloated tummy
and a body burning in flames
this sweaty palm man of wit
wears a mask spreading wisdom afar

the camel, the thursday female is his friend
…the peacock the friday female, his conscience
and the owl, his lustful companion roams his wild thoughts

…he lives in his dreams and speaks of a mind truly his own

…he needs not a face but a little space
and he will string words into a song and a song into a tale…


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July 31, 2015