Monday Female…I am the observer tracing life and its wonder

Monday Female…I am the observer tracing life and its wonder

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 183cm x 152cm
Year: 2009
They call me the owl eyed One
what can I say, I need to know everything
am I not the scriber of life

…tracing the records and placing them in order

my thoughts roam,
Romeo, Juliet, Laila Majnu, ali, anna and many nameless ones
…they all come and go, staging drama after drama

and I live in fantasy fulfilling age-old desires

my mother said I mature faster than the rest
…been fashionable too since young
and I will dance and sing soothing my unrest mind

…I am the artist who kneads beads of hope

Many come to leave behind their sorrows and pain
…and part in happiness, relieved off their pain
…while I hurl angry words and show tantrums not mine

I am the healer who treats the broken heart..

The ant takes good care of me
while the monkey and the cockroach share their fantasy
…the dog howls when I’m sad

but I still can’t understand why the chameleon..????

Being ancient in thought and sensuous in mind
I leave traces knowingly for the unattached in mind
…I am not a flirt but live within the secret wall of love

…my love knows no boundary, I see no difference

…and the bird of mystery says “time has its own course, so look not at
the tomorrow; the unpredictable nor the yesterday; a mere dream…just be
in the moment true and the clouds will bow in reverence”


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July 31, 2015