Mana Anep

Mana Anep

Medium: Charcoal on Paper
Dimension: 152cm x 152cm
Year: 2010

I was around fifteen when I met Anep who was much older. His mom sold “nasi lemak” and goreng pisang in a makeshift stall in front of their house. He was my hero then, he made kites and we will be flying them in the evening during the kite season.

He was the first to introduce the huge top unlike the ones we played which were so tiny. He was a fun filled guy, had a checker board fixed to a table, had birds in cages, a pair of fighting cockerels and was a good sepak takraw player. He was a religious man too, doing chores in the nearby mosque and sometimes shared his views.

He joined a political party when he turned 30 and became serious only to resign as he felt it was not what he was looking for. Just a few months later, he went back to politics, this time joining the opposition but soon enough he left that too.

I met him last before my family shifted to a new flat. We never met after that and many years later I was told he died in an accident.

I chose to draw him to tell my daughter of this simple Malay man who was a beautiful human being. It is sad; he is slowly fading away from my memory as his kind are gradually becoming smaller in number.


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June 29, 2015