Friday Female…I am the beauty that sees through the mirror of life

Friday Female…I am the beauty that sees through the mirror of life

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 183cm x 152cm
Year: 2009
In Collection of Wei Ling Art Gallery
Hmmm, that’s not the way, this is better, why don’t you do this
Will it work, are you sure…
Behold the ever wondering One

Am I not born to remould this world?

The peacock of pride and charm, so they call me
I live within a broken world, with many wrongs and weaknesses
What can I do, I see them, so clear and well

I feel I have come to change it the way it should be..

The fact is, I’m simply innocent, sometimes so childlike
that the few who see this carelessness judge me when I make a point
Not realizing I’m also the intelligent One with a mind that is shrewd and sharp

I’m like the sun’s ray, I pierce as I get closer, but that’s me

I love to dance, love instruments, love the arts, love the artists
I love life and limelight is my humble abode
I’m an orator, like my fellow male mate

I speak from the heart and the audience love to melt in my words

The frog listens to me, the dog listens to me
the cockroach and fox emulate my thoughts
even the chameleon bows in reverence

Yet I feel so close yet so far with the monkey

Yes, I am fickle but aren’t great people too
My mind is the culprit, it works faster than my thought
…that when I’m listening, the mind has already moved to the other

I’m the intellectual genius in need of a little bit or maybe a little more adjustment

…and the little white bird of mystery says “Indeed it feels so sad, to know
so much and yet to be the most misunderstood. Keep the mind quiet my
dear friend, bury the laws of justice and get drunk in the beauty of life’s innocence”


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July 31, 2015