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Medium: Mixed Media
Dimension: 80cm x 80cm x 250cm
Year: 2016


Have you ever imagined where all the dead cells that are dropping from our body to dust in the air are right now; this moment?

If you don’t clean your house for two days, you find dust everywhere. Here we are talking about dust and dead cells from humans, to animals to insects to everything that is going through decay.

By right we should have been drowned in the sea of dust accumulation by now.

So where are the dust?

It is right in the middle of Earth! The imaginary line known as Equator is where half of Earths dust is stored. This is where the tropical rainforest is.

Rainforests are known to have rainfalls all through the year. This rain traps the dust and brings down to be sowed in plants and ground.

Now look at a tree. What do you find in a tree? Dust! Its nothing but dust. Rings and rings of compressed dust.

The rain brings down the dust and trees are the ‘dustbins’ that collect the dust and compress it to be recycled.

Each tree is a ‘Dustbin’. A forest filled with dust, earth’s dumping ground. This is where all the dust and dead cells reach its final destination.

The Installation

The green line in the centre of this hall is a symbolic representation of Equator (‘Khatulistiwa’). The installation in the centre of the green line is a representation of a tree which is constructed with ropes and bamboo to signify dust.

The green acrylic sheet which is hovering over the tree is a symbol of photosynthesis.

The dustbins symbolise the equator line which is the point where dust is brought down through rain. And the cover of dustbins is to symbolise our human interference through illegal logging.


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October 26, 2016

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