Earth Sound 9

Earth Sound 9

Earth Sound 9 (Gallery as an Installation)

Energy is a manifestation of both vibration and light. Therefore, Energy is the consequential source of life.

Vibration in its journey merges with particles producing sound. Time constructs a balance and divides sound into nine fractions. This fractions of sound collectively pushes through space and collides producing light.

Hence, the birth of the nine configuration of color particles. Through time the human intelligence realising the potency of color and sound co-existing on earth, applied it for the benefit of humankind.

Though various communities applied this science according to their cultural needs, a standard universal pattern emerged. Nine abstract sounds of nature was replicated using the low pitch, mid pitch and high pitched frequencies.

Insects, frogs and grasshoppers produce low pitched sound. Animals and humans produce mid pitched sounds and the birds, cicadas and elephants produce high pitched sounds.

These three fractions of sounds were ingeniously crafted by thinkers of ancient times. They composed these sounds using three frequencies in each pitch.

Shrim Hrim Aim
Gaum Grim Haum
Aum Saum Klim

Though the common man may associate this with religion, it is but purely an abstract sound without a definite meaning. It is derived from the vibrations of nature.

From the resonance in sound, colors were arranged in order from the very core. The white color which is known to bounce is the result of combustion. While the infinite black is the culmination of all colors.

I have designed the exhibition hall to symbolize this range of nine colours. Hence, I have placed the nine colours within the square gallery space.

The wall is painted in white and black. White takes up two-thirds of the space to create a bouncing effect. It gives the mind a feel that white is pushing the adjacent black wall. This explains why the black comprises of only one-third of a section of the wall.

Black within a one-third of the space, gives the impression it is absorbing and pulling the space around it inwards.

A red wall faces the visitor as they enter. Red is known in the ancient science as an energy block for passing energy. This color is placed at the entrance specifically to break personal thought waves. The mind is reframed for the next experience to come.

The red wall is followed by an orange wall behind it and a yellow wall opposite the orange. This adheres to the standard nine color spectrum.

There is a centre strap of green line which divides the gallery into two. Symbolically this represents the Equator, i.e. the imaginary line which houses the oldest rainforest.

Refer to “Forest Portal installation.

The two walls facing the green centre strap is painted with a mixture of green. Yellow + Green and Green + Blue. This is to show the influence of the centre and its inherent strength which influences the yellow and blue that shields the green in the centre.

These two walls described above are not included in the Nine color spectrum but are treated as a by-effect of the radiance from the centre green.

The sound of Earth is composed specially using low pitch, mid pitch and high pitch sound patterns. Taken from nature accompanied by ancient and contemporary instruments, it is designed to ‘mirror’ the forest and its natural sound pattern.

A heartbeat of 60 beats per minute is infused into the sound composition. This is to create a balance in the viewer’s brainwave. After 3 minutes nearly everyone in the space would be tuned to a standard heartbeat rate of a healthy individual.

Our heartbeat is influenced by the environment and various emotions. A healthy and conducive environment have been proven to stabilize the heart.

Imagine the atmosphere in a market place or a discotheque. The noise and excitement immediately increases your heartbeat. Reversely when you are in a quiet place, it calms down.

The sound composition is designed specifically to give one an impression of nature. It’s the science of ‘Mirroring’. By the use of various sound patterns that reverberate in the gallery with the nine colours, one is transported to a forest atmosphere or at least away from the maddening noise of the city.

Overall this whole space is an installation, designed and constructed to reflect and emulate the energies flowing from form and vibration within a forest.

Jeganathan Ramachandram 2016


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October 30, 2016

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