Caged/Uncaged – Observers

Caged/Uncaged – Observers

Medium: Wood
Dimension: Varied
Year: 2011

The impetus behind my participation in this show stems from my love of nature. Pets that my family has kept have always been treated like real family members, and I have a deep and profound respect for animals and our natural world.

Every day, a significant number of birds flock to my home, where I feed them breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The injured birds usually keep their distance as they are wary of human interaction, but mostly, they are curious and friendly.

Humans and animals share a strong bond and I do not believe in cages at all.

Animals have always been a part of my work, whether I have used them as symbols or as subject matter. The animals in my installation are observers of the competition, guests who have come to see the show. They fly around to peer into the cages on display, and they are scattered across the space, mingling with human guests.

These sculptures have been shown before, but I have decided to unveil them again as I feel they haven’t been understood properly before.


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July 31, 2015