Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 122cm x 122cm
Year: 2009

“Globalization in the information age has indeed remolded the entire world. Though many factors had contributed to such a change, we cannot deny the medium that did it effortlessly in a very short time, IT. The world has now come into our homes and even intricate information that was greatly guarded has now become merely, general knowledge.

It started with people getting to know each other and doing general business. That was only a few years ago and now the world is simply operating from this platform. From education to banking, to a whole lot of things, this new age “Brain” has an answer for nearly everything.

I was toying with the idea of visually showing the essence of such a wonderful invention. I could not but think of the people who moved the whole IT world. The programmer, the Software Designer and the rest didn’t appeal to me. I was looking for that special entity that made the whole thing move and be so interactive.

The ‘BLOGGER’, who else but this one individual who had made changes in every possible field in these past few years. That one person sitting somewhere usually unknown to the public yet shows so much concern to educate and inform and make the most difficult, simple. These individuals were taking high risks, yet, scribing from their heart what they truly believe.

I couldn’t paint anything else and chose to visually show their stories without personally getting influenced by anyone’s opinion. I take the role of the story teller, who is recording the moments that greatly influence our lives. I am merely showing people what I have heard and seen.

This idea took me deeper into the subject and I concluded that the DNA were the first bloggers. The amount of information carried by the DNA, both visually and factually probably will also be the final state of our advancement in the world of IT.

The caveman came next and finally I was awestruck to have not realized this before. The first blogger in our country is none other than LAT himself. I cannot think of anyone in Malaysia who had recorded events visually and recorded moments so precisely.

I chose the face from the series of my current works and made it look like a computer screen. The face of a nameless “BLOGGER” represents interesting events that had taken place particularly in Malaysia.”


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August 5, 2015