Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 153cm x 214cm
Year: 2010
 The land is burning
and all that, that stand still and the ones that move
…the innocent one to the ill mannered man
to the little grass that save man from heat
…to the vehicle that moves time

…we are all being scorched
skewed to a rod
in the barbecue pit of life
regardless of race
regardless of worth

…the cooking has started

the bloody man has a bloated wall
his manliness that rose in pride
now only releases stains of black mucus
…his light that once lit bright
is now only dimly lit

the sea is boiled, the corals are breaking
and as the little cat that in fear hides its head
…the poor child is helplessly here

the milk pot has dried
and a bloody growth sits there now
and the womb that once took care
is now strangling the seed there
which is to bloom soon

the long trunk One is crying
so are the croaking guardians of the moon light
skewed and without a mind
all that, that stand still and the ones that move
…roasted and turning to waste

…yet there is hope
if only the little white egg down below
were to hatch and bring true spirits
in pureness and care
and unite us all within a moment

…to live in contentment…to live without much noise


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August 5, 2015