Medium: Mixed Medium on Canvas
Dimension: 152cm x 152cm
Year: 2008
In Collection of Roopi Rampal
The look in the eyes of the dancer and the vibrant colours of this painting can never fail from attracting the eyes of admirers. The title of this painting explains itself. In Odissi, “Bandha” is defined as a position or posture of the body. “Bandha Nritya” is a dance performance which has intricate acrobatic postures and is performed by boy dancers, who are also known as Gotipuas.

Through this mixed medium work, Jeganathan has beautifully portrayed the complexity of postures which are performed effortlessly by the boy dancers. The flexibility of the dancers is simply fascinating. The bird watches the dancer as if its trying to communicate with the latter. It relays the message that the dance would soon become extinct like its kind if its not given the right importance. The painting has an ancient touch, just as how the tradition of the dance is.


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July 31, 2015