Art of Love

Art of Love

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 244cm x 122cm
Year: 2012

…let me tell you a story
a story that seeped into my spirit
invoking a moment that i had forgotten for a long time
…i am not sure whether it was from the east
or west or from a dream that had stayed so long within me
…i have always known this to be true
that a woman, the azure dream of the male desire
is the essence of all that has become life
she wills the mind, heart and the desire of every man
…she the epitome of desire, rules the passion boundless
making…even the wild man sane
…but it is sad, the male ego has brought her fame down
stripping her without a thought, to feast his cravings
…enjoying her without a mind, robbing her love in the name of lust
…true love is held within the container of bliss
and lust is the foam that floats keeping it fine
i know a secret that very few man know
…a secret of the art of love that will make the young strong
and the old, wiser and well
…bury your fire of lust when the beginning makes way
feel her not in lust, only let lust sit by watching in a distance awhile
touch her but only through love and warmth
adore her, bathe her body in the warmth of your palm
…and when the two buds bloom in might
feel her ocean of love and bring her to life
…when she flowers with the wetness of lust
invoke her further till she loses her guard
…tasting her fountain quenching your thirst
…her moan, sometimes silent, sometimes loud
…blows the trumpet…to announce her coming of lust
releasing the azure of life…
take that as the sign that she has come to be a part
to release your lust that is waiting in a distance awhile
Now! go within her arms and she will lose herself
…an elephant first in memory…and free as a bird at will
…love, lust and bliss…she will brew from a past
…into this moment, that time will fade within the four walls
…she will turn you into an animal first then even ‘God’
and turn your weakness into a might
…that will walk you without a fall
…yet remember this well
it is she who becomes you…within you she will become herself
so treat her with love and she will shower her lust ever and forever
…till the moment your last breath departs…yearning for another moment to come…


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August 5, 2015