A Day in History in Malaysia

A Day in History in Malaysia

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 158cm x 158cm
Year: 2012
A day in history or simply “Hari Ini dalam Sejarah”; Recording moments is my passion and in this work, I chose to freeze the moment that placed Malaysia in the International news recently. I am a firm believer of natural science.

who are you little girl
and what do you carry in that sack?
tell me, who are all this birds that seem to be moving aimlessly
…i was passing by and saw a moment freezed in time

…tell me little girl…who are you
and the many birds that adorn human masks
and pray tell me, what is inside the
sack …that you carry with might

…my dear passerby

…i am the orb the watcher of time,
that floats near her palm

i don’t know whether i should tell you

…what if you are some spy or an agent of the devil…
…what if you have ears that has wings
what if my words become your gossip tale

…but then again, what the heck, this is only a painting
that my decorator had painted…to record a moment in time

…we are not making a statement here…nor are we claiming ours to be true
…this is a story of a girl who thinks she has got the cats
that she has come to lead the stray birds to…we don’t know where

it is a tale of a girl who truly believes she is the chosen One
…that she has come to lead a nation out of fear

…see there among her, birds with human faces…

…they are the people who believe in her and the cause
…but how sure they are of their purpose…we do not know

so we have them scattered with eyes closed except one
…who quietly flies carefully
see the yellow bird, the one with a goatee
well, he represents the fellows who dramatize the cause
can you see the old man on the top left of the wall…
he has always stood on the other side…
only now he is not sure whether he knows this is right or not so right

can you see the one just by her forehead
like he is trying to tell her something
…well, that is the ‘think-tank’
notice his bright but fading colour…
well, we are not sure whether he is from here or from…

and the one pulling her dress below…well just guess
when ‘clean’ works…someone benefits!

well, we can’t be telling you all, you too put your mind and watch
…there are more little secrets that hide within the wall

…how strange it is…we still see the cat strolling casually out

so my friend, this is a day in history, a day that is recorded
through the mind of a simple observer…


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August 5, 2015