1Malaysia Teh Tarik Stall

1Malaysia Teh Tarik Stall

Medium: Mixed Media (Tables and Chairs)
Dimension: 3 sets of 90cm x 90cm x 80cm
Year: 2009
‘It has been a dream to be able to record the moments that nearly every Malaysian experiences at a “Teh tarik Stall”. I used to imagine how it would feel if the chairs and tables could speak and tell us of the dreams, opinions, political views and everything that people leave behind.

This is a scene just before the closing of a stall, when all the customers have left and the glasses, left over nasi lemaks and eggs are all cleared from the table. The moment just before the table and chairs would be folded and kept for the night. Suddenly words appear on the tables and chairs, in red, white, green, yellow and black; Words that were spoken and were left behind by the customers.

To make it a truly interactive art, I invited friends who brought other friends and within a few days we had many people who came and scribbled the things they normally speak in a stall. The enthusiasm and involvement was truly amazing. The youngest participant was a seventeen year old and the oldest a person was in his seventies.

You can be part of this play too, take a pen and write what you wish to share. There is still some space somewhere there which can hold your views too.

Where else can we see unity without a difference if not in the Teh Tarik Stall? I wish to call this a ONE MALAYSIA Teh Tarik Stall!


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June 30, 2015